The Tabitha Project Believes
in Miracles, and You Can
Help Make Them Happen

We believe that a miracle is a miracle no matter how large or small.

God works his miracles through us to help others. It could be a hug or just lending an ear, or as large as sprucing up a home with a coat of paint.

Through our volunteering efforts to help local residents with different tasks we saw a greater need for assistance. This lead us to form The Tabitha Project where all groups of people could come together to give of their time and money to help ALL people that are unable to afford or perform some of the tasks and small luxuries most of us take for granted.

Tabitha from the scriptures freely gave of her time and talents by providing the poor with clothing that she made. She gave wholeheartedly and was well loved for her devotion. When she died Peter brought her back to life and many believed in the Lord through this very special miracle.

Our mission is to serve God and provide for the needs of ALL people with love, dignity and respect. We want to provide hope and love to people in need. Our small miracles could be providing assistance with sprucing up a home or yard of one our elderly neighbors or helping tutor a child from a single parent family who has been struggling with their school work.

Not only are we looking for donations to help purchase items that are needed to fulfill these needs, but we are looking for the gift of time in volunteers.

Let God work a miracle in our lives through helping others and giving them peace of mind and a ray of hope.

Any donation is appreciated whether it is monetary or your time and talents.



Oh, I believe in miracles.
They happen every day;
And when you least expect it,
One may just come your way.

It’s a miracle that Jesus died
and rose up from the grave;
And all you have to do is just believe
and you’ll be saved.

There’s a miracle awaitin’
just ‘round the very next bend;
It’s in the form of Jesus,
our Savior and our Friend.

It may come when it’s darkest,
or when lights are growing dim;
When you find yourself in trouble,
or when you’re out on a limb.

Just remember that there’s always hope,
and He is always there;
And all you have to do is lift
your heart to Him in prayer.

And He will always listen
no matter what you say;
And it may just surprise you
when He sends a miracle your way.