Community Outreach

Fulfilling the Needs of
Our Community.

The Tabitha Project was born from a group of individuals who REALLY want to make a difference in the lives of the people living in our surrounding communities. We want to reach out and help our community brothers and sisters with projects around the house, providing a ride to a doctor’s visit, picking up some groceries, or lending a hand with helping a younger brother and sister with tutoring or sports training. No matter how small we are willing to lend a hand with a special need.

 We want to bring back the love and care that built this nation’s communities and has been rapidly unraveling through the years. God’s love shines in all of us and when we share it among our brothers and sisters it becomes brighter. Brightening lives of others and giving a little hope and understanding is the foundation of The Tabitha Project.

As part of our community outreach we need assistance with volunteers and any kind of contribution (from money and food or supplies or your valuable time) to make it happen. We are asking for your help in any area. Please contact us and let us know how you would like to help to make a difference. We would also like for you to provide us with families or individuals you know of that need assistance.

The following areas are some of the opportunities The Tabitha Project would like to provide to our community and also need project assistance with:

1. Housing Projects – painting, home repairs, yard work, household items, repairing or replacement of appliances.

 2. Special Care of Our Peers – house cleaning, grocery shopping, ride to a doctor’s appointment or to sit with a parent to provide a day off, or night out, for family members who provide care for them.

 3. Families in Need – tutoring support for children and sports training. We will also provide grants for school projects, sport programs or college tuition for students.